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Aslam Fruit chat Sargodha

If you are a lover of fruit chat,then you must have eaten the fruit chat from different cafes in Sargodha city,like the soofi chat.

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Sargodha city map

I have tried my best to get the map of sargodh city but all i could get is this map,which is a handmade map.Hopefully we will get some batter map from sargodha city Govt in feature.

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Sargodha Citrus

Pakistan is among the top ten kinnow (hybrid mandarin) producing and exporting countries.Our production capacity is 1.28 million tons per season. There are about 28 kinnow processing plants with a processing capacity each of 5-10 metric tons per hour

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Sargodha ,is a city located in Punjab province, Pakistan. It is located in northeast Pakistan, to the north-west of Lahore by the lower Jhelum Canal. It is 10th largest city of Pakistan

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