Wednesday 21 Feb, 2018

Tariq Aziz Maher- district correspondent NEWS 1 TV CHANNEL at Sargodha.

Working as a district correspondent “NEWS 1” TV CHANNEL at Sargodha.  Besides that I have also hosted a couple of talk shows as an anchor in a program named “ELECTION BEAT 2008”  from “NEWS 1” TV CHANNEL’S Lahore studios.

I had the privilege & honor  to participate in the “first national media workshop” held in National Defense University Islamabad from the 23rd June to the 29th of June 2007.My interaction with the government officials & with other participants was very well appreciated not only by the other participants but also by the organizers of the workshop. It was a wonderful learning and confidence boosting experience for me.


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Tariq Aziz Maher

Tariq Aziz Maher

With Addt.IG Punjab


Anchoring a talk show

At Lahore studios

Tariq Aziz Maher district correspondent NEWS 1 TV CHANNEL

With Maj.Gen Tariq

With Mr.Justice Fakir Muhammad

At G.H.Q Rawalpindi

My Kids Bilal, Hassan and Duaa

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